About Eric Riddick

Eric Riddick was born on May 19,1970 to Christine and Fayard Riddick. Eric and his family grew up on 58th and Chester Avenue. Eric attended Tilden Middle School and Bartram High School. The Riddick Family owned a store on 58th that became the nucleus for this community as Christine and Fayard Riddick were parents to everyone.

Growing up in area of crime and mayhem Eric’s father and mother always fought for justice. Eric always had the desire to fight for justice. Although while in society he didn’t know how to, but that extended to his incarceration where he challenged the injustices in prison with the administration. Eric always spoke up for others who couldn’t. Eric never could assimilate into a lifestyle of prison because he always knew he was INNOCENT!

While in prison he studied molecular biology on his own and begin to understand the foundation of viruses and disease being RNA (Ribose Nuclear Acid) material. Eric wrote a book “The Fringe Papers” challenging the general science community providing an alternative look and understanding of viruses and diseases.