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On November 6, 1991, at approximately 6pm, Mr. William T. Catlett was fatally shot while he stood on the corner of 58th & Belmar Terrace in Southwest Philadelphia. Mr. Catlett was struck by 4 penetrating gunshots and one grazing gunshot according to the medical examiner. The medical examiner’s report as well as his trial testimony explicitly explained the nature of the gunshot wounds, which included the specific “trajectory” (i.e. the path of the bullets as they traveled in Mr. Catlett’s body). The medical examiner testified that bullet wound “A” was a gunshot to the left temple of Mr. Catlett’s head, which traveled from left to right without vertical deviation (i.e. without going upwards or downwards). Bullet wound “B” was a gunshot to the base of the skull, which also traveled from left to right traveling “upwards”. Bullet wound “C” was a grazing wound that left an “upward” pattern, going from left to right. Bullet “D” was a gunshot wound of the small of Mr. Catlett’s back, traveling from left to right, traveling “sharply upward”. And lastly, bullet wound “E” was a gunshot wound to the back as well, going from left to right, traveling “upward”. (See sketch for a visual of the above).

“One” person who we will call SS for legal purposes accused Eric Riddick. SS made 4 different statements regarding this tragic incident. The first statement SS gave was minutes after Mr. Catlett was fatally shot; SS gave the first statement to the first arriving officers on scene. He stated to these officers that it was three black males and that they fled North on 58th Street. Minutes later, SS went approximately 30 yards up 58th and Belmar and began fighting a man name Darwyn Johnson. When the officers on the scene broke up this fight, SS made his second statement, stating that he was fighting Mr. Johnson because his nephews fatally shot Mr. Catlett. SS was then taken down to 8th and Race (Homicide Police Unit) for interview. At this time, SS made a third statement, in this third 6-page statement, SS stated in short that he saw a man climb a 15 to 20 foot balcony on Belmar with a rifle, aim said rifle “down” at Mr. Catlett fatally shooting him. SS stated that he could not identify this man on the balcony because he had a hood over his head the entire time; SS also stated that he was a half a block away from this balcony. He made his fourth statement the day after Mr. Catlett was fatally shot. The next day, which was November 7, 1991 SS was approached by Mr. Catlett’s friend and based on this discussion SS concluded that it was Eric Riddick who fatally shot Mr. Catlett. Mr. Catlett friend as well as one of Mr. Catlett’s family members then drove SS back to police homicide unit where He made his fourth statement now stating that it was Eric Riddick who fatally shot Mr. Catlett from off said balcony.

This sketch shows the trajectory of the bullets.

On November 8, 1991 after hearing that SS had Falsely accused him, Eric Riddick went down to the homicide police unit and volunteered to give a full statement regarding his whereabouts at the precise time that Mr. Catlett was fatally shot. In Eric Riddick’s statement, he explained that at the very moment that Mr. Catlett was fatally shot he was two blocks away on 58th Trinity Street on the porch at 5823 with a few friends who he named. Mr. Riddick explained in his statement that he and his friends heard the gunshots.

After Mr. Riddick gave his statement, he left the homicide unit.

On January 10, 1992, Mr. Riddick was arrested and charged with the murder of William Catlett. At Mr. Riddick’s trial, he was represented (or rather misrepresented) by attorney Dale Miller.

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